For Serious Musicians & Vocalists

175 students, 60 bands each week
The JAM is the ultimate music showcase camp

The JAM is an advanced music camp for aspiring young musicians with at least 2 years of experience – there are no beginner lessons offered at The JAM. The JAM is primarily for the young musician who is looking to advance professionally and seek out future band members.

Each student arrives at camp on day one and is assigned to two different bands. These bands are compiled after a long and very detailed process. Audition materials are heard and referred to repeatedly; Age, ability, questionnaire and genre interest are all carefully considered during the compilation process. Participants actively spend their entire week preparing for two mind-blowing showcases at weeks end.

Each band rehearsal is produced by our instructors and clinicians, who are well-respected, music industry top professional performers and songwriters, hailing from University of Miami, Belmont , MTSU and Berklee College of Music.

Students who choose to participate in our songwriting sessions will collaborate and compose with some of Music Row’s finest hit makers and perform their compositions in the Clinic Band Showcase. We keep our songwriting sessions to a maximum of 4 students in each group.

The talent at The JAM is highly respected.

Students may participate in one week or two, however most students attend two weeks for a completely educational, fun and ultimate music experience. Weeks 1 and 2 are completely different from each other and allow the student to participate in a wide variety of genres.

All Bands All Day

JAM students learn much more by ACTIVELY participating in music clinics. To maximize playing time and to enhance intense instructional time, all students will participate in two bands – a morning clinic band and an afternoon showcase band.

bga-jammerThis format allows the students to learn by participation; to collaborate with highly respected and educated clinicians; and to network with other students.

Learn more by clicking on the Jam Bands 2013 link.

Special JAM Camp Sessions – Colleges & Music Industry Professionals

We want JAM students to learn how to enhance their futures with their musical talents.  Each week, we host colleges with strong music programs who are looking for the caliber of talent found at the JAM.  We also host Music Industry professionals who can speak with experience about the music side, as well as the business side, of the industry.  Past speakers have been Dann Huff (producer), Jim Colella (Indie Insight), Dave Pomeroy (Pres. of Nashville Musicians Assoc.), Jason Scheff (lead singer of Chicago), Walter Egan (artist/songwriter), Sony Music, BMI, SESAC, and Mark D. Sanders (songwriter).

Age Requirements (13-21)

The JAM does not accept students under age 13 (students who have already attended will get special consideration).  Keep on honing your skills, and apply when you are 13

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